Figurefaggotry #2 – Max Factory Yuki Nagato

Hadn’t done one of these in a while, so I figured now would be a good time to post a figure photoshoot. I picked up this particular iteration of Yuki Nagato at Ikasucon 2009. She has some other options for arms and torso and accessories, but I didn’t feel like messing with that.

I thought the leaves and pumpkins made a nice setting for this iteration of Yuki, considering the witch costume. Don’t you think it works well, too?

For some reason I couldn’t seem to get many shots that weren’t a bit washed out-looking in her face and such. I wish this one had come out better, since the angle came out good, and it could have better shown how bright her eyes are.

This one gives you a better look at her eyes, as well as her skin tone and hair coloration.

This shot’s just kind of silly.

This is the best shot I managed to get of her. All in all, she’s a really nice figure.

I did take her hat off for some pictures. Most of them didn’t turn out, but this one’s good.

A parting shot.

If you’re curious about this figure, her Tsukiboard page is here:

If you’re a fan of Yuki Nagato, I’d certainly recommend this figure. It’s an especially nice one if you want her in a canon outfit as opposed to the Extravaganza version that Max Factory also put out, which is just an outfit based on some official art, or any of the other figures of her in things she never wore. I paid about $60 for her and I don’t regret it in the least. She’s over 2 years old, now, though, so she may not be easy to find outside of con dealer rooms. I’ve seen her at least twice at cons since I got her, though, so she shouldn’t be too hard to track down, either.


3 thoughts on “Figurefaggotry #2 – Max Factory Yuki Nagato

  1. I think she’s available at, but I’m not too sure if they still have her in stock after the sale they had.

    She is definitely one of the better Yuki figures out there. I got her because I really liked Yuki in the witch costume. The pumpkin theme fits the figure really well, though she’ll look good in other settings too because you can take her cape off. πŸ™‚

    • I got her for the same reason, actually! Hence why I did this particular theme; I already had her set up with her cloak and hat, and the season was right. I may do a school themed shoot with her in her more normal school attire in the future since I have access to a high school, but for now this will do.

      Thanks for commenting!

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