12 Days of Christmas: 12 Moments of Anime 2009 #9 – Night of Fate

I may have skipped a day, I don’t know. If I have to I’ll do another double update on Christmas.

12. K-ON and general moe

11. PVC figures

10. Doujinshi

9. Fate/Stay Night

I wish I could be gar for Lancer

I’ve been curious about Fate/Stay Night for a few years now, since I saw the anime a while back and mostly liked what I saw. It wasn’t until this summer that I actually started playing the game, though. As you may guess from my previous review of the Fate route, I like Fate/Stay Night quite a bit.

I love how the game tackles such issues as immortality and whether it would truly be so wonderful, and whether wishes can just be granted by a magical vessel without any work toward the goal from the person making the wish. Fate/Stay Night explores quite a few deep themes like that, and I find it fascinating.

Of course there is also the cute girl aspect, and I do love me some Rider and Caster. And Saber. And Rin.

Also Lancer is just so cool. Why is everyone GAR for Archer? They should be GAR for Lancer for goodness sake! Also why is there no scale figure for Lancer? Or Taiga. Or Caster? Or…damn it I love Saber, but there needs to be more scale figures of pretty much any F/SN character that isn’t Saber.

Over the course of the year I’ve gotten mildly addicted to Fate/Stay Night. From quoting things like “People die if they are killed” to friends for no apparent reason to even going so far as to look at mythology books on Cú Chulainn in Borders because Lancer is just that awesome, Fate/Stay Night is definitely something that’s present in my mind a lot.


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