Pokemon Black Day 1-3 part 1

I’ve noticed that people are blogging their gameplay in Pokemon Black and White, so I figured I may as well join in on the fun, albeit a bit late to the party. I got a lot done on it in the past three days, so this will be long and segmented into parts, just warning you. Italicized comments are my own, everything else below this point is written from the trainer’s PoV.

The journey begins in Nuvema Town. Here lives me, a girl named Mieze. ‘Mieze’ is a German word that means kitty. I was surprised to see my trainer had a nature. It was hardy, but I switched it to naughty. I thought this was kind of a neat change.

Professor Juniper who is smoking hot I must add had decided to give me and my two best friends, Bianca and Cheren, a pokemon today. All of us were very excited.

Seriously, Juniper is a fox

They were delivered to my home in a giftbox where my mother left them in my bedroom because that’s such a good idea. I chose the Snivy.

Snoderich - it's an inside joke and a long story...

Immediately Bianca, who chose the Oshawott, wanted to battle. I won the battle, but my bedroom was trashed in the process. It’s lucky I was leaving home today anyway! Cheren took me on next; my room was already a mess after all. I also beat him easily enough; my Snivy is a tough little guy!

Once all of that was done, my mother was kind enough to heal our pokemon and clean up my room for me while we went to Professor Juniper. Bianca took a while to get to the Professor’s so Cheren sent me to get her and I witnessed something odd…Apparently Bianca’s father disapproves of her going on this journey. I hope everything turns out okay…I thought this was an interesting touch and I hope this plot point gets brought up again more. Bianca is an interesting character.

The Professor told us to meet her on Route 1. The three of us took our first step onto Route 1 together; it was Bianca’s idea. I thought it was sweet. Professor Juniper showed us how to catch pokemon! After a bit of time in the tall grass training Snoderich, I caught a Lillipup!

Hunde - aren't I creative and not abusing German at all

Continuing on our way, we arrived safely in Accumula Town. The people here are a bit strange, but nice. They make some unusual observations. However, the protest group, Team Plasma you mean Team PETA hurrdurr, were just as strange but not so nice. Apparently they believe that pokemon should be left free and shouldn’t ever be with people…I don’t get it. They held a protest of sorts that was just…weird. I decided to leave that town as quickly as possible after a strange man called N approached me…


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