Pokemon Black Day 1-3 Part 2

I think I’m enjoying writing these posts way too much.

Once I decided to take leave of Accumula Town and started out onto Route 2, I got a phone call from my mother. She showed up where I was really fast! She wanted to give me a pair of running shoes. She must have worn them to get to me…which is a bit odd, but hey, good running shoes aren’t anything to complain about! I also got a phone call from Professor Juniper, asking me to pay a visit to her friend and lover oh my god my yuri goggles are ridiculous, Fennel.



I agreed and started off onto Route 2. Along the way I ran into a Purrloin. Such an adorable pokemon was one I had to catch!


Kyoko - care to guess who's watching Madoka? The dex description made me think of her

After healing my pokemon in Striaton City’s Pokemon Center, I did a bit of exploring. Apparently Fennel was busy working on a new invention, so I had to find other ways to occupy my time. Someone gave me a new pokemon, a Panpour.


FFFFFUU, male - I was feeling rather uncreative again

I took some time to go into the Dream Yard and back onto Route 2 to train my pokemon and caught a Patrat before challenging the gym.


Bait, female - she only exists to wear down strong in game opponents (gym leaders etc) so

The gym leader went down easily enough. I didn’t even need to use my Panpour! Between Hunde and Kyoko the battle was easy to win.


2 thoughts on “Pokemon Black Day 1-3 Part 2

  1. Keep doing these! I am so enjoying reading about your journey. It is fun.

    Also yes….Say it with me. Juniper and Fennel….YURI! haha

    You know they so shared a dorm room back in college. haha

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying it! These are really fun to write, but they’ll probably get better once I get through with this recap portion. I got the game and started as soon as I could without even thinking about blogging it at first until I noticed other people were blogging it…

      They’re just so cute together! Okay honestly Fennel is just cute period. But the yuri potential here is crazy high.

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