Pokemon Black Day 1-3 part 3

Pretty shaken up over the earthquake + tsunami in Japan, need to do something to calm my nerves, so how about another Pokemon update?

After defeating Chili at the gym and getting my badge, I went to check on Fennel again. This time she was available and told me what she wanted. The Dream Yard has a pokemon in it called Munna that makes Dream Mist. According to Fennel, the Dream Mist lets people see people and pokemon’s dreams. It sounds really cool, and Fennel wa so enthusiastic about it she was bouncing. It was kinda cute.

seriously Fennel is adorable

Of course I agreed to help her, her enthusiasm is just too¬† cute to refuse. Bianca and I met up at the Dream Yard and went in to find the Munna. Much to our horror, Team Plasma was there as well and with a similar goal. I really really really do NOT like Team Plasma. At all. Where do they get off, claiming they want what’s best for pokemon but then kicking an innocent Munna? It’s because they’re PETA, seriously. Bianca and I were both too shellshocked to do anything. Thankfully there was a Musharna, Munna’s evolved form, around to help out. After that, the Plasma grunts were mad that we stopped them from being abusive jerks and challenged us to a battle. I won easily; these jerks don’t know the first thing about pokemon after all. The Munna was grateful and left some dream mist for us to give to Fennel. She was so happy and it was adorable to watch. Fennel is really cute oh my God I love her I lover her I love her. While I was still in town I decided to stick around the Dream Yard long enough to catch a Munna of my own.

Yume, female - yes I named the dream eater pokemon 'Dream'


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