Pokemon Black Days 1-3 Part 4

This sure is taking a while, huh? Here we go again!

After defeating the gym leader and helping out Fennel, I’d done all that was needed to be done in Striaton City and was ready to go on to Route 3. Once I got there I met Cheren, who challenged me to a battle. He’s getting to be a very strong trainer! Defeating him didn’t come too easily. But once I’d battled him, Bianca caught up to us with bad news; not only is Team Plasma low enough to abuse pokemon, they also steal pokemon from little girls. Naturally Cheren and I agreed to help get it back.

We chased the jerks to Wellspring Cave where Cheren and I took on a couple Plasma grunts in a double battle. Victory was once again easy and Cheren took the little girl’s pokemon back to her. I headed back to Striaton City to heal my pokemon before starting onto Route 3 for real this time.

There were quite a few trainers to battle on this route, as well as some new pokemon to encounter. I battled quite a few Pidoves and caught myself a Blitzle and Audino.

Einigkeit, male - yes the gratuitous German is necessary

Szivveres, female - it's not German language dorkery! ...But this time it's Hungarian. Szivveres means heartbeat and it seemed fitting from the dex description

Upon arrival in Nacrene City, I took the time to look around. It was rather scenic and nice I must say but the people who live there are total hipsters I swear. They’re constantly on about how Nacrene City is in a rural area that not many people know about. Hipsters! A nice girl gave me a Miracle Seed for my Snivy, and that weird N guy showed back up for another battle. He’s kind of creepy…

From there I went out to the Pinwheel Forest to train a bit before challenging Leonora. During some training battles, Hunde evolved into Herdier! I also caught a new addition to my team, a Throh.

GAR - I think it's appropriate

It was time to challenge Leonora next, and so I did. I really liked her gym’s layout! The museum is really cool, and finding the hidden messages and the trapdoor switch was really fun. Call me a geek but a gym leader whose gym is inside a museum and set up like a library is a lady after mine own heart. The battle was rough. Patrat, Hunde and GAR helped take out her Herdier and everyone wore down her Watchog, but it took out every single one of my pokemon except for Snoderich, whose speed made him able to land a Vine Whip that was the deciding blow.

There wasn’t much time for celebration, though. Once our battle had concluded, Leonora’s husband came in and told us Team Plasma was there. Those horrible jerks proceeded to steal the dragon skull from Leonora’s museum! Despicable louts. The gym leader from Castelia City, Burgh, showed up in town as well and I helped him chase Team Plasma down in the Pinwheel Forest and force them to surrender the dragon skull. Snoderich evolved into a Servine and Patrat evolved into a Watchog in that battle, I was so proud of them.

Once that was taken care of, I headed back into town to make sure all was well with Leonora and to heal my pokemon before heading on to Castelia City.


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