Pokemon Black Days 1-3 Part 5

And another. This is the last catchup post, yay!

I went through the Pinwheel Forest and on to Castelia City. The Skyarrow Bridge was amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it! Cutting out of trainer character-mode to flail over DAT BRIDGE. The graphics there were just glorious. Breathtaking. I’m impressed, Pokemon, I’m impressed. Upon arrival in Castelia City I was blown away. It’s HUGE! Another cutout to flail about graphics. CASTELIA CITY IS SO COOL. I started exploring right away. The first thing I did was meet a dancer named Mickey. He was really good at it. He challenged me to a pokemon battle that I won, then asked me to do him a favor. He wanted to start a dance team but needed to find other dancers and asked for my help. I agreed, he was such a nice guy after all. I found two other dancers that agreed to join. They were all so happy!

But there wasn’t much time for playing around. I headed to the gym and ran into Cheren, who had just challenged Burgh and won. But there was no time for me to challenge him; Team Plasma was in town. After that, Bianca met with me with bad news. Team Plasma is continuing to top their jerk moves one after the other; they stole Bianca’s Munna! She’d met a nice girl named Iris who was helping take care of her hello, another yuri ship, so meanwhile Burgh and I went to chase down those insufferable jerks and get Bianca’s Munna back. They’d made a hideout right across from the gym, conceited dolts. Burgh and I defeated them and got Bianca’s Munna back. They were so glad to be reunited, I was happy I could help.

I challenged Burgh after that. His gym layout was…weird. The battle was pretty rough, what with all the moves his team had that are super effective against my pokemon. In the end Einigkeit’s knowing Flame Charge saved us. Victorious, I healed my team and decided to do some more exploring.

I wasn’t quite ready to leave town yet, but I decided to explore Route 4 a tiny bit. Bianca challenged me to a battle in the gatehouse, which I won, but…she seemed pretty upset that she lost. I felt kind of bad about it. She’s not a bad trainer! It’s just that she happened to pick a starter that’s weaker against mine. Maybe she’d have better luck challenging Cheren. Speaking of him, he also challenged me on Route 4. I defeated him, and thankfully he didn’t take it so hard. I didn’t need another guilt trip. While exploring the route a wild Darumaka showed up and Kyoko evolved into Liepard after defeating it. I went back into town to heal my team and got a group call from Professor Juniper, but Bianca didn’t pick up…I hope she’s alright, I’m worried now.


2 thoughts on “Pokemon Black Days 1-3 Part 5

  1. Aww….I was beginning to feel bad for Bianca too. I think here I decided to start going easy on her. The problem is that if you do that then she just start trying to wreak your team with her starter. haha

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