Pokemon Black Day 4


Today was a good day. I’d found a Liberty Pass not too long ago and I decided to use it to check out the Liberty Gardens. The boat ride was fun, but when I got there, guess who decided they wanted to ruin my day again? Yep. Team Plasma. This time they were terrorizing a rare pokemon called Victini. I have seriously had enough of them. Of course I couldn’t let them have Victini, so I went ahead and caught it myself. I really lucked out, actually. I got it on the first try with a Great Ball, its health was in the red but still pretty high, and it wasn’t asleep or paralyzed.

Siegfried - okay how long before I start seriously abusing Wagner names?

I was surprised when Professor Juniper was outside the lighthouse to greet me and tell me more about Victini. Everyone was happy that Team Plasma hadn’t gotten to the poor thing. I hope I can make it very happy traveling with me!

...It's nice to see you again, Professor Sexy--er--Juniper!

I took the boat back to Castelia City and then decided to head on to Route 4. I also decided I like my Panpour enough to change its name to something better. Its name is Yong Soo now. The desert is big and hard to get through, but the Desert Resort made for a good place to train, and I found the Relic Castle, where I caught a new pokemon and obtained a fossil from a girl in the castle.

Isis, female - well duh Egyptian names are needed here!

I’d heard rumor that the museum portion of the Nacrene City gym had someone who could revive fossils into pokemon so I thought I’d take a detour on my travels and head back there to see if that was the case. Turns out it was. I talked to one of the museum attendants and she took the fossil, which seems to be a shell, and revived it into an ancient pokemon called Tirtouga. I really like her, she seems like she’ll be a good partner.

Calypso, female - the pokemon's name gave me that kind of feel, since it's similar to Tortuga.


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