Pokemon Black Day 5

Or Stringed is WAY too happy about her friend who is further along giving her a Litwick.

Today started off on an exciting note! A dear friend of mine who’s further along on her journey gave me a call today. She knew I was anxious to get my hands on a Litwick, so she caught an extra in the Celestial Tower for me and wanted to know if I wanted her. Okay the real story here is that Stringed? is fucking obsessed with Litwick. I have wanted a Litwick since the pokemon for this gen were revealed. So I was rather disappoint that the Celestial Tower is so far into the game. A friend of mine on LJ who was already there had spares she was offering to her friends, so I jumped on the chance and caught a spare Panpour in a luckily timed ground shake spot for a trade. Of course I did! I ran out into the Pinwheel Forest to catch something for her real quick, and had the good luck of running into a Panpour which I captured before heading to the Pokemon Center to make the trade.

Sayaka, female - it took me forever to think of a good name to ask for, but I think this is fitting

I was so excited to get her, she’s just adorable!


I seriously adore Litwick and its evolutions ;3;

Now it was time to stop fooling around and go to Nimbasa City! I charged from Nacrene City to Castelia City, then onto Route 5. I went straight through; I was weary of the desert. When I arrived in Nimbasa City, my “favorite” people were there. Sigh. What does Team Plasma gain from annoying the crap out of me? They were harassing the poor Daycare Man, who was just here sightseeing. I beat Team Plasma as usual, but they ran away into the local amusement park. I chased them down. Enough is enough.

But guess who showed up? That weirdo N. He gives me bad vibes even if he is kinda hot but I put up with him since he offered to help. He took me onto the ferris wheel to see if we could see Team Plasma from there…then told me he was Team Plasma’s king. Okay yeah I definitely don’t like this guy. On and on about his dream world or whatever. Okay then. Your dream is for everyone to be miserable. No thank you. When we got down the grunts showed up and he offered to help them escape by battling me. Ugh! So I battled him and beat him, but he and the grunts escaped. Why even. Ugh go away Team PETA.

Later I ran into Bianca. She seemed much more cheerful than last time I met with her, thankfully. We went to check out the Pokemon Musical, then she left to wander town some more. I entered Snoderich in it, he was so cute on stage dancing around in a little tophat~! ajdjsdhn Why is the Pokemon Musical so adorable?!

When I left, though…Bianca was outside. As was her father. I froze. Intruding on this would be bad. But…Bianca’s dad wanted her to go back home. She didn’t want to. She wants to see the world and learn things for herself! And it’s only fair. But…I couldn’t intrude on this.

Thankfully someone else could. Out of nowhere, the local gym leader appeared. She spoke to Bianca’s father. She worded her argument so eloquently! It was amazing! And she even got Bianca’s father to agree with her. Bianca was impressed, and I don’t blame her. I was too. Floored, even. Her name is Elesa and she’s amazing. I was so excited to challenge her!

…So I charged right into her gym. I probably should’ve trained more, my team wasn’t leveled up enough to really hammer her in battle. I got by in the end, but only barely. Without Hunde’s strength I would’ve been done for. I gave her so many super potions and fresh waters to keep going, but once Elesa’s Zebstrika was out, I knew I had it. Barely, but victory was so sweet.

After the battle, Elesa told me to meet her at  Route 5. When I got there, so was Cheren. He’d defeated her too! Once again he wanted a battle with me, which I won once again. He keeps getting stronger too, but somehow I luck out and beat him each time. After that Elesa met us, and told us there was someone out here she wanted us to meet. Turns out it was the region’s Champion! Wow…being in his presence was really cool. He said some interesting things to Cheren about strength and having fun…he made good points, I’ll have to keep them in mind, too. He told us to play with these two kids. We had a double battle that I have to say way very fun! But why the FUCK did two preschool kids have level 26 Herdiers?! I think Cheren and I both learned something…

Finally, I caught a couple pokemon on Route 5; a Minccino and a Gothita.


Gilbert, male - cuteness made me think Prussia

Peppo, male - I desperately wanted my Gothita to be a trap, so I searched for a boy.


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