Pokemon Black Day 6

For real this time. If anyone caught my post titling slip with the last one.

When I continued onto Route 5, I came to a drawbridge and Elesa showed back up to the person running it. It seems they’re friends and she needed to ask him to lower it for me and Cheren, who was also waiting at the end of the route. I thanked them both and headed on my way. Someone on the bridge told me that feathers fall from the sky here, so I decided to try catching them. I got quite a few! But the coolest thing about this is that one of the spots where feathers fall ended up attracting a wild pokemon! It was a cute one, too. Ducklett are just plain adorable. So of course I had to catch it!

Ahiru, male - who cares about gender it had to be named Ahiru

When Cheren and I arrived in Driftveil City, we were approached by Clay, the town’s gym leader. He appeared to be upset with us. It seems us crossing the drawbridge somehow gave some Team Plasma grunts an escape route. Argh. WHY DO THEY INSIST UPON RUINING MY DAY AT EVERY POSSIBLE CHANCE. Excuse me. So I asked around and apparently they’re hiding in the cold storage area south of town. Cheren and I knew what it was time to do.

On the way there I had to pass through some tall grass, where I ran into a wild Vanillite, which I caught.  Why are there wild ice cream cones? I’m sad it doesn’t evolve into an ice cream sundae.

Aisu, female (IIRC) - aisuuuu aisuuuuuuu aisuuuuuuuuu

After that diversion, I got back down to business to defeat the Huns. No wait Team Plasma isn’t that cool. I heard from a worker at the storage place that Clay was trying to test us to see if we were worthy of battling him. Makes sense, he seemed kinda sly like that.

Those creeps were holed up in a storage case inside the building. Cheren was (understandably) pissed off about the cold. They were rather high and mighty in how they talked to me, as always, but they went down hard. As always. Clay and the police rounded the jerks up.

…Aaaaand when I got back out and headed to the gym, that Ghetsis guy was there to pick up their grunts. Damn, they should all be locked up. But it wasn’t my place to say anything. Clay let them go. I’m sure they’ll get put in their place sooner or later. Challenging the gym was the next step for me.

Clay was surprisingly easy to defeat. The only pokemon on my team that got involved were Einigkeit, who has recently evolved into a Zebstrika did I already mention that? I forget, Yume, who was only level 26, and Calypso. So I got my badge.

When I started onto Route 6 Bianca showed up wanting to battle. She’s getting so much stronger, I wish she’d stop feeling bad about me defeating her. It’s never good to measure your own ability against someone else…but she didn’t get too down this time. She gave me an HM — fly.

When I started exploring the grass, I ran into a wild Foongus and caught it. That isn’t as bad as it sounds, seriously.

Herpderp, I forget what gender it was - I think these things are cute, haters gonna hate


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