Pokemon Black Day 7

In case you couldn’t tell, these “days” aren’t real 24 hour periods of any sort, just whenever I’ve played enough for a proper update.

Another friend of mine, Ell, contacted me today! She had a delightful offer. She’d caught a Zorua and bred it, and asked if I wanted one. Of course I did! Zorua are extremely rare!  I caught a wild Deerling to trade her for it. Okay, this time ‘Ell’ isn’t actually a personal friend of mine, she was someone doing a giveaway on the pokemon LJ comm lol.

Faust, male - I am a dork okay

He’s so cute! After the trade was completed, I taught Fly to my Tranquill and flew back to Nuvema Town to check in with Professor Juniper. She had a couple TMs for me, which I happily accepted. From there I took Faust all the way through the routes from Nuvema Town back to Nimbasa City, where I changed my team back up since he was close to level 30 and I don’t have an everstone. I really don’t want him evolving into Zoroark.

Once I got back to Route 6 I went all the way through up to Chargestone Cave where Clay met me and gave a short but inspiring speech. When I went in, Professor Juniper and Bianca followed. The Professor was doing research on how to seduce Fennel I hope and Bianca was acting as her bodyguard so cute. Bianca told me that the floating stones that were in my way could be pushed. Good info! Somewhere along the line, however, I ran into the Shadow Triad, who work for Team Plasma. What is with them why can’t they go away? Apparently N wanted to talk to me. Again. Oh my God he is creepy. And so I got dragged down to the basement of this cave where I had to beat up more Plasma jerks, then battle N.

In the battle, Hunde evolved into Stoutland. I’m so proud of her. Once I defeated him and he ran off after spewing more idealistic blather, I continued exploring the cave. While in there I ran into a wild Tynamo and caught it.

Strauss, male - Yes, I am utterly ridiculous.

Once I made it out of Chargestone Cave and into Mistralton City, it was pouring rain. Interesting.


3 thoughts on “Pokemon Black Day 7

  1. Faust is the best name ever.

    That’s sorta of what I’ve ended up doing…between it’s more interesting to update when something happens, and it’s not reasonable to update every 24 hours…

      • I would blame Madoka for getting me into a Faust mood, but no. I just have a Germanophilia problem =|.

        Yeah, it just makes sense. “Day” is the best label for these posts given how the game works, but updating daily is obnoxious and there are some days when my updates would be “Today I was level grinding. That is all.” if I were to make one.

        And yeah, I just. Don’t like Zoroark that much. It isn’t awful, but Zorua is so cute.

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