Pokemon Black Day #8

Haven’t done one of these in a while! Sob I’m so lazy.

When I went into Mistralton City, I was met by two people. One of them was Professor Juniper’s dad and the other was Skyla, Mistralton City’s gym leader. I was incredibly surprised to find out that I’ve made a name for myself already! When I left Nuvema Town I was just a girl doing the local pokemon professor a favor and helping her complete the Pokedex. Well, I’d gladly do that beauty any favor she asked to get in good graces with her, so I don’t blame you at all, Mieze. Now I have a reputation as a skilled pokemon trainer! Shocking as it is, I can’t say I’m not enjoying it.

Skyla was incredibly excited for me to challenge her gym, but informed me that first she had another matter to tend to. When she was flying one of her cargo planes, she spotted what she was certain was a sick pokemon at the top of the Celestial Tower, and she had to go help it. I decided to follow her, just out of curiosity, and to see all the cute Litwick in the tower.

Litwick is so cute, seriously ;3;

Once I got there Skyla had already taken care of the sick pokemon and it had flown away. I wish I’d gotten there soon enough to see what it was, I was so curious…but no matter, it was time to challenge the gym now!

Skyla went down easily, but this was because I’d overleveled myself. Playing with all those Litwick was just too fun, it seems! But no matter, I had my badge and now it was time to set out on Route 7 for good.

When I got up to the entrance to Twist Mountain, Cheren greeted me for our obligatory post-badge earning battle. He lost again…and it turned out the Champion, Alder, was watching! I felt a bit embarrassed, being watched by the region’s Champion in the middle of a friendly battle with Cheren, but I suppose I DO have that weird reputation now. He told us that our battle had been a delightful one, but Cheren again went and got huffy about losing and power. Alder gave him another speech on the purpose of power; I do wish Cheren would listen! It’s not all about winning, after all…but it seems like Cheren may be thinking about it more this time.

Alder gave both of us the HM Surf! I got so excited that I taught it to Hunde immediately and backtracked to Driftveil City; there was a water pokemon that I wanted. Badly.

Mytho - it seemed fitting

Rue - after having Mytho, this was necessary

I was so excited to get a hold of a Frillish that I caught two! After catching them I started back up to Mistralton City and back to Route 7.


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