Pokemon Black Day #9

I am addicted to this game ho boy. Since when do Pokemon games have such awesome plots?!

Winter has arrived! Once I got back up to Mistralton City and got my team healed again, I was ready to charge up to Icirrus City and take on Brycen. But first I had to navigate Twist Mountain. At a certain point in one of the caves Cheren and I ran into Team Plasma. Again. Why don’t they just stop. Cheren and I defeated them, and Cheren decided to stay back and train in Twist Mountain while he was there. I was itching to get to the next gym, so on I went.

I challenged the gym as soon as I got into town. …Okay fine I played on the ice a bit first. It was fun, don’t look at me like that! Also Cedric had shown up to tell me about Dragonspiral Tower and how Professor Juniper was eager to explore it.

Brycen’s gym was another easy one. Mytho had gotten pretty tough in the training we did between Driftveil City and Icirrus City, so even he held his own against Brycen, despite being the lowest leveled pokemon on my team.

When I went to exit the gym, Bianca and Cheren greeted Brycen and I at the door. But so did someone else. The Shadow Triad. Team Plasma is seriously starting to piss me off. They told me to meet Ghetsis at the Dragonspiral Tower. This is getting old, but all of us headed that way. Brycen and Cheren went in, as well as myself, while Bianca stayed back with Cedric. Bianca is tougher than she gives herself credit for, but guarding Cedric is a good thing for her to do.

When I entered the tower, it shook, as if something was going on a rampage at the top of the tower. Scary. While in there I was accosted by a wild Druddigon. I decided I wanted to capture her. She took several different kinds of pokeballs being thrown at her before she finally stayed put in one.

Ruffnut, female - I hope I got the right twin from HTTYD, I always mix up which is which

After healing my team from the damage Ruffnut did to them and returning to the tower, I made my way back up, running from any other wild pokemon. Once I got high enough, I found Brycen and Cheren surrounded by Team Plasma grunts but holding their own just fine. They told me to head on up, so I did, taking down any grunt who dared stand in my way.

Once I reached the top, I found what had been shaking the tower…oh God. N, that crazy jerk, had decided to resurrect Zekrom. How is beyond me, but he’s planning to use it to defeat the Elite Four and become the Champion and force everyone to release their pokemon. I hate him so much my blood is boiling. He told me that my only hope was to find the Light Stone and resurrect Reshiram, and that the stone is in Relic Castle. You know what? Fine. I’ll play his little game. I’ll find Reshiram and I’ll tear N apart, once and for all. Note; I personally actually rather like N. He’s probably the most interesting villain in a Pokemon game so far, and he’s a charismatic derp. I can’t really picture Mieze here thinking he’s anything short of a creep, though.

Why can't this actually happen?

Upon scouring the Relic Castle, I was greeted by another of Team Plasma’s sages who told me the stone wasn’t there. Argh. I hate Team Plasma so so much ARGH. But upon exiting the castle, I got an Xtranciever call from Professor Juniper! Hey there, sexy lady, it’s about time I get to see your beautiful face again~ She told me to go to the museum in Nacrene City immediately. She sounded excited! OhmyGod she’s so cute adjakl she and Fennel are so perfect for each other. So of course I hurried to the museum as quickly as I could.



Apparently Leonora had possession of the Light Stone! You go, girl! Leonora is my favorite gym leader this gen so far akdujajdc hngh so badass. I agreed to take it, and the responsibility that comes with it. The question, though, was how to turn it into Reshiram. I was advised to go to Opelucid City, because the gym leader there is a dragon trainer and may know how to revive the stone. I flew back to Icirrus City with the aid of Turul, planning on heading to Opelucid City next.

this is the coolest Litwick gijinka ever.


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