Pokemon Black Day #10 – FINAL

I finished the game like…two months ago, but got lazy about doing this post. Sorry about that! For the record, these are my thoughts on the game.

I never played Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald or Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, but I can definitely say that I like the direction that the Pokemon franchise is going with Black and White. This is the first time I’ve ever really cared about the in-game characters. This is the first time that I ever felt like I could say I was interested in the plot in a Pokemon game. I had my reservations at first, but I loved the pokemon this gen. All in all I really loved Black and I’m glad I played it.

When I arrived at Opelucid City, Team Plasma was giving yet another demonstration. Ugh, why? Why do they think anyone wants to listen to them? I hate them. I’ll show them.

Also upon arrival at Opelucid City I was greeted by Iris and the gym leader, Drayden. I remembered Iris, she had helped Bianca back in Castelia City. I guess she’s Drayden’s daughter? That’d explain why she’s so tough. They’re both hoping I can handle N and are looking forward to my gym challenge. To be truthful, I was a bit worried about facing N. I had the Light Stone, but it hadn’t reacted to me at all…But right now, my main concern is taking on Drayden.

I trained up before taking him on. He proved to be a challenge, but fell easily enough. With the Legend Badge in my possession, I was prepared to make my way to Victory Road. Once I got up to the route leading to Victory Road, Cheren and Bianca came to greet me. Cheren and I battled one last time. He’s gotten quite strong, and he’s finally figured out what he wants to do with his strength. He wants to protect this world. He promised me that, if for whatever reason I should fail, he would take on N himself, though he thinks that right now only I could. So he’ll continue to train in the mean time. Bianca gave me a gift; max revives. Those will come in handy, that much is certain. I love my friends. They’ve always been there for me throughout this journey and I am just as thankful for them as I am for my pokemon. I think I needed them both all along just as much as I needed my pokemon.

From there, I bid them farewell and crossed the gates into Victory Road. Not gonna lie, the gate crossing gave me chills. That scene was just so badass. I knew I would have to train before taking on the Elite Four, so I spent plenty of time battling the trainers and wild pokemon that were there. Oh my god you guys you know what I hate a lot? Durant. I really really  loathe and detest Durant. Ugh. While there, I captured a new pokemon to add to my team.

Mulan, female - what? I had to. It was obligatory.

Training was long and grueling and when I finally felt like I was ready to take on the Elite Four I couldn’t even remember how long I’d been on Victory Road. But now was the time to finish what I’d started.

First I took on Marshal. He went down easily thanks to Mulan knowing Bounce. Next was Shauntal. She was cute and her pokemon were strong, I wish I could’ve hung around to flirt a bit, but getting through these guys to defeat N was more important. Luckily Hunde and Strauss’s Crunch attack and Kyoko’s Night Slash cut through Shauntal’s ghosts in rapid succession.

Grimsley was a bit tougher. In the end that battle was only won due to my team’s endurance. I had to raid my stock of healing items after that. Caitlin was another easy victory again due to Hunde, Strauss, and Kyoko’s powerful dark type moves and Hunde and Kyoko’s speed. The Elite Four down, I had to challenge the Champion. Or at least, I hoped that would be how it went. Surely Alder could handle N and I wouldn’t have to deal with his pompous attitude anymore, right?

Wrong. The sight that greeted me when I reached the arena for the Champion was rather depressing. N had just defeated Alder. How? Ugh I am so tired of N. He thinks he’s special. He’s not. He’s crazy. And as if to emphasize his craziness, he erected an enormous castle in the Champion’s arena. Or something. Well, whatever. It was time to do what I promised Cheren I would do; take N out for good.

I traveled throughout the halls of the castle. I was given the chance to rest my pokemon, thankfully. I was also led by the Shadow Triad to what was apparently N’s room as a child. It was a bit…eerie. I got a strange sense in there that maybe there was more to this guy than I initially thought. Odd.

But battling him was the most important thing now. I admit, I was beginning to get nervous; the Light Stone hadn’t reacted at all. I believed in my team no matter what, but the idea of facing Zekrom without Reshiram on my side was a bit scary still.

I found N. He started his pompous dialogue about how he thought I was special but apparently I wasn’t because the Light Stone hadn’t reacted blah blah. Does he ever shut up? Well, he did, actually, when he summoned Zekrom and finally the Light Stone reacted. There it was; Reshiram. It expected me to challenge and capture it, and so I did.

Sieglinde - yes, I'm ridiculous, I know

N healed my pokemon and our battle commenced. Reshiram took Strauss’s place; Strauss is a powerful fighter, but with three electric moves and one dark, he was too unbalanced to stay on.

The battle between the dragons was magnificent. Reshiram was ultimately victorious, as was I once the entire battle had gone on. In the end, it came down to just me and Serperior. It was a bit of a funny coincidence, I think, that the pokemon that I first embarked on my journey with when he was a tiny Snivy is the one that ultimately dealt the final blow to N’s last pokemon.

…And then shit got real. Ghetsis is a total creep, I learned, and apparently I’d misjudged N all along. The poor guy wasn’t pompous or arrogant; simply misguided by the pathetic excuse for a mentor that was Ghetsis. I learned this by listening to him berate N. And then challenge me. Great. N was so kind as to heal my pokemon before I battled Ghetsis. The jerk used a lot of poison moves, which got old fast. Yet again it came down to Serperior and yet again Serperior dealt the final blow. I’ve never been more proud of my entire team than was during those two battles.

Ghetsis fled. He seemed to expect his Seven Sages to take me out, but he had another thing coming. Bianca really came through! She’d rounded up all of the gym leaders (except from the three from Striaton; she couldn’t get there fast enough). Leonora, Burgh, Elesa, Clay, Skyla, Brycen, Drayden, and Iris all were there to take the Sages down. It was absolutely beautiful. It really was. This may well have been my favorite scene in the entire game.

Before leaving, I spoke with N. He was feeling bad for the things he’d done due to his improper guidance. He told me that Ghetsis had only exposed him to pokemon who had been abused, so he didn’t realize that there were plenty of pokemon who loved their trainers and were happy and would be sad if they were forced to be separated. That was why he’d been so surprised when he talked to my pokemon back in Accumula Town; she told him that she liked me a lot. He told me that he was going to go then and rethink his life. He also told me that it was clear that I had a dream, and he wanted me to do everything I could to make that dream come true.

In the end, I think I can actually consider N to be a friend. He was a good guy after all, and I’m glad to have met him. My journey has ended, so now i’s time to return home to see my mom. I’m sure Cheren and Bianca are going to do the same.


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