About Powered by Sugar

Powered by Sugar was started when Katie was staying with me over spring break and we thought starting a blog was a good idea. Since then we’ve forgotten it a couple times, but it’s a fun thing to do, so I try to keep it updated as much as possible, since I’m irresponsible and should probably do useful things instead like my partner in crime. We’re still learning, so if you have a suggestion that would help make this blog better, please let either of us know!

Why “Powered by Sugar”? Well, when we’re staying together, we tend to have late nights that are facilitated by energy drinks and sugary candy and the like. We’re pretty much being kept going by that sort of thing, and we just liked the sound of the name. Besides, “Sugarpowered” was taken on blogspot, so we had to settle.

Also this has nothing to do with anything, but have a picture of my kitty boy


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