We’re still here, I swear! Also Nyan Koi ep. 1

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Welcome to Powered by Sugar’s new home, by the way! A friend of mine recommended we do this, so I went with it. I still need to poke Owari/Katie/whatever she ends up calling herself when she signs up here to get a WordPress account, but she’ll be back, too!

So why haven’t we been posting? Well, Owari has the better excuse. She’s in college and has actual responsibilities that come before writing the blog. As for me? I haven’t really finished anything that I could write a good review on, I need to go put batteries in my camera so I can take figure pictures, I’m out of good ideas for rants at the moment, etc. I’ll still be rewatching Nodame…eventually.

But enough lame excuses out of Stringed. Here’s a proper update (kind of) for you all.

So I never really follow the new seasons of anime as they come out for whatever reason. I tried for the spring season, but got overwhelmed. Summer I didn’t even bother. But now it’s fall, my favorite time of year, and I feel energized to try again. I’m being smart about it and picked out 3 series to follow. No more, no less. The series I chose were Armed Librarians, Kimi ni Todoke, and Nyan Koi. I still need to sit down and watch the first episodes of the first two series, but last night I sat down and watched Nyan Koi episode 1, so here’s my thoughts on that so far.

The basic plot is that Junpei, the main character, is a boy that is allergic to cats, but his family loves them to bits. So does his crush, despite her being ain a family of dog people. He, however, just doesn’t get it. One day he kicks a can, which accidentally beheads the statue of Jizou, a cat deity. From this moment onward, Junpei is cursed. He can hear what cats are saying. If Junpei doesn’t do 100 favors for cats, then not only will he hear cats forever, but he will become one himself.

To be perfectly honest, Nyan Koi had me from the description on the fall season chart. I happen to be a cat lover myself with four of my own, so a series centered around cats?  Has major appeal for me. And so far this first episode does not disappoint.

For one thing, the main character, Junpei, is not your usual moe series hero. He actually has a personality from what I can tell. And the main girl, Mizuno, is cute, but not pathetic in the least. I found her dog owner mentality towards cats to be absolutely adorable. I’ve known people like that and it’s funny to watch them interact with cats and teach them the differences between cats and dogs.

My favorite character so far is easily Nyamese, Junpei’s family’s cat, though. She is adorable and her attitude puts me in mind of Garfield. The kittens in the first episode are positively adorable, too. I just wanted to cuddle them and tell them that everything would be okay~.

People, I beg you, don’t just watch the video of the opening song and assume this is just a moe show with nekomimi. This series really has potential, and no nekomimi actually have occurred in the series so far; just in the OP.  Stringed approves of Nyan Koi!