Bill 156: Chemo Curing the Anime Industry, or Oppressive Japanese Businessmen Being….well, Oppressive?

As many of you may or may not be aware, an ordinance was passed at some point yesterday or today (or Wednesday in Japan) that bans any anime, manga, and video games that have “virtual crime” or things “likely to interfere with the development of youth”.  This bill does not apply to TV dramas or novels, and seems to be aimed almost exlusively at Japan’s large “otaku” subculture.

The ordinance is set to take place in July, and will consist of a committee of people who make a decision – presumably by consuming the entire work, on whether the anime, manga, or game is appropriate enough for children.  If the committee feels that it falls under the categories banned in the ordinance (there are many instances of etc. used within this ordinance, which means that anything seen as harmful to children in any way that the committee can think of can be deemed as inappropriate for children) then the work in question will be branded with an 18+ label.

However, Japan isn’t quite like America, and is (well, from what I can tell, it’s not like I’ve ever been there) more stringent upon their laws regarding 18+ material.  That is, unlike certain american bookstores, a sixteen-year-old will probably not be able to purchase something that has an 18+ rating in the first place, as I’ve seen happen all too often among the yaoi fandom.

Even on the event that there is 18+ manga and people do ID (which is rare, from experience) fangirls will just tear off the shrinkwrap and read it in the aisle anyways. (I'm not sure if the girl in the picture's reading yaoi or not, but it illustrates my point) Not that that isn't annoying, but...

Now, some of you are probably sitting and scratching your head, thinking “Well, what does this mean?”  Others of you are probably posting on a certain unmentionable anonymous picture image board that anime and manga are doomed, and that the only things left will be the (absolutely terrible) new season of Pokemon, Hidamari Sketch, and K-ON.  And that all other sorts of work, regardless of genre, will inevitably be deemed as ‘inappropriate’.

Dawn is still okay for TV. However, my love of her probably isn't...

I feel, honestly, like there are going to be so many loopholes in this law that it will have little negative effect other than the fact that a very small portion of manga may be inevitably cancelled.  However, my concern lies in the fact that an ordinance like this has to exist – while there have been laws in America that have made the sexual depiction of underage animated/drawn characters dubious, there are certainly no laws that make the depiction of violence and such illegal.  It worries me in the first place that there has to be a public ‘approval’ of these sorts of things.  While I certainly wouldn’t show a lot of my more normal friends KissXSis or Kodomo no Jikan, those are exactly the sort of things that would end up banned in Tokyo by this law.

Illegal Relationships? Check. High levels of fanservice intended to arouse? Check. I'll admit I actually like KissXsis, but I also think I might have to say bye-bye to it. =(

While I honestly feel that, under pressure from this law, a lot of developers of anime/manga/games may end up moving to Kyoto or somewhere similar, I hope I’m wrong.  I hope that this ends up being yet another relatively harmless law.  And I do have a little bit of hope.  Just a few weeks ago in Japan, a committee was held about Ore no Imouto.  This committee was held because Kirino, the main character in the show, was an underaged character who had managed to get a hold of lots of ero games aimed strictly at adults 18 years and older.  Someone evidently thought that was socially unacceptable, and the complaint was made.  However, the committee agreed unanimously that there was no threat to the children from Ore no Imouto, despite the fact that a complaint had been filed, and nothing changed.  So as long as you don’t have inanely high amounts of fanservice (like Ladies vs Butlers, Kanokon, To Love-Ru, and other sorts of near-ero manga that may as well be ero-manga) the manga you like will (hopefully) live on past the restrictions.  This is only my conjecture though.

This image is just from Google, so the quality sucks, but here's a picture of the ever-offensive pile of eroge that Kirino has accumulated.

There is another, more unfortunate part of fandom who I honestly feel will be more affected by this, due in part to Governor Ishihara’s homophobia – fujoshi and the BL fandom.  While I’m not too huge on BL (I don’t dislike it, it’s just I think a lot of it ranges from mediocre to bad, just like a lot of the shoujo manga that ends up in Hana to Yume and other ilk) I don’t think that it deserves to be placed in the 18+ corner with titles such as Comic LO or anything like that.  But what other outcome is there?  While a few might get by, most BL manga that I’ve read that hasn’t had outright porn in it has had lots of sex scenes that can be misconstrued as porn, almost to the point of manga such as Aki-Sora (which, believe it or not, is seinen and heavy ecchi, despite obvious depiction of sex scenes) and these manga will likely, unfortunately, end up in the 18+ sections of bookstores, which means that a certain portion of these manga may end up being cancelled.  Already, there are some BL mangakas who have been asked to change things that would seem relatively meaningless to most in their stories – such as men wearing school outfits.

Some people see this as a positive thing-cleaning out the ‘moeshit’ that has been ‘clogging’ the industry.  However, this law also can be imposed upon seinen series that contain law-breaking of any sort, and can therefore be applied to almost any anime or manga.  At its worst, Bill 158 may indeed do what some people on an anonymous image board are dreading – make every manga into a work no more harmful than Pokemon.  Not even Pokemon Special.  However, it’s unlikely, in my opinion, that anything will come from this.

This seems just like the kind of law that will have little effect, perhaps changing the distribution of anime and manga to be more internet-based (which is not necessarily a bad thing, though I don’t like Crunchyroll as a distributor because of its dubious means of generating startup funds) until two years in the future when this bill is repealed because of reduced revenue produced from the seinen manga that businessmen like to read on the train on their way to work.

See? look at that guy, reading manga and not being afraid of anything. I bet that manga would get banned.

Therefore, while I feel that this bill is something to keep in mind, I don’t think that it’s anything to panic about, because its effects will probably not be kept in place for very long anyways.  If it gets to be too oppressive, then I can only see protests rising as a result, and not just from the relatively underground ‘otaku’ subculture either – this law affects anyone who reads any sort of manga at all.


Summer 2009 Anime Thoughts \\ Part 1

lolol i don’t feckin’ know.

Anyways, it’s time for Owari’s Whenever the Hell she Feels Like it Summer 2009 Anime Thoughts! I honestly doubt I’ll be able to do anything about when I post whenever I post, because I’ll post whatever I feel like posting when I feel like I should post some stuff. I’ll probably be kinda busy with IRL things around Fall 2009, so even though I’ll be keeping up with anime airing and such, I’m not sure if I’d have much to say. I could probably make ~2 posts a week if I really wanted to, I’m sure I could think of something to talk about. To be honest, though, I haven’t had anyone inside my room besides my siblings, at least not for a long time, so I started to fill it up with anime-related stuff (posters, mini-figures, wallscrolls, and the like, even some Megami posters) and all of a sudden, one of my sister’s friends is staying here for a week. Being as me and both of my sisters share a room, but one of them is away at college, she’s staying in this room.

Not that there are any other rooms in the house, why the hell do you think three girls would share a room otherwise? I don’t think I’ll be able to experience the joy of having what’s truly my own room until at least after I get out of college. If I had the money for it, I’d be sure to fill it with lots of my weeaboo/nerd stuff. I really am looking forward to living alone, and not having to be bothered about anything by anyone and just living peacefully with a job and maybe a pet or two or something like that. But, I digress.

In any case, yeah, I haven’t seen every anime this season, so if there’s a show you really like that you think I should be watching, then tell me, or something. These are just the ones I’m actively following.

Now first, and foremost, we have Umineko No Naku Koro Ni, directed by Studio DEEN. Now, I’ve read it, all four of the Question arcs, so you can’t really…uh, spoiler me. I’ve seen the preview for the first answer arc, and I kinda have a few things to say about it, but for the fear of bringing several fantastical arguments into this, I’m not going to bother.

The reason I consider this ‘first and foremost’ is not because I thought it would be the best anime this season. It’s great, but….in comparison to the visual novel, it’s pretty damn weak. As of right now, I’ve seen two episodes’ worth…and, while it does manage to instill some of the sympathy you had for all of the people involved in the shed incident, alive or dead….it only really gives you a little for George and Shannon, which is a pity. And even then, not really-people aren’t gonna feel some sorrow for some guy who wasn’t quite presented well enough for you to get to know all of his motives.

But the real thing I like about Umineko is the fact that it’s both a mystery, and at the same time, it has fantastical elements. But, at the same time, they don’t necessarily exist on the same plane, and you have to use the elements of fantasy and the few stated truths to try and put together a truth behind everything that happened on Rokkenjima. Honestly, if you really want my opinion, watching the anime’s not that much of a big deal-if I could get the readers to do one thing, it’d be to read the visual novel over watching the anime.

But the anime does have its benefits. Hell, the reason I started watching the anime was because I just wanted to see how it would be animated. But, the thing is….I’m just worried the anime’s gonna attract the kind of fans that Higurashi seemed to attract. I wouldn’t call it quite the majority, but…there was a certain portion of Higurashi fans that watched it because it was “LoL bLoOdY nD sUsPenSeY oMg!!111” or something like that. I guess you’ll find a certain amount of blood, but based off the scene of the first twilight, it’s going to be just blackish blurs anyways.

But maybe it’s just that it’s kinda lampshaded in the VN, and there’s more emphasis on “Who the hell would do this? This is terrible”…but, to be fair, the anime wasn’t that far off.

I liked both the opening and ending for this show. The ending takes…some…getting used to, but once you’re used to it, you’ll love it. And both have some interesting visuals. But I don’t think you should watch a show for the OP/ED for no reason, as I’ll emphasize with my next review.

Okay. This show…I’ll say it. It’s pretty damn bad. It’s so bad that I don’t know whether to laugh at it or to start banging my head upon a keyboard repeatedly, until all of the keys have been reduced to a fine powder. Maybe I should have done both, and then proceeded to ingest dangerous amounts of caffeine. But it’s so bad, that in a way, it’s good. Who the hell produced this? …Madhouse? Really? I guess they made Chaos;Head, so I suppose they’re capable of making anime that’s just plain bad, but…

By any reviewer standards, though, it is pretty darn bad. You’ve got the main character, who’s this typical shonen hero. As in, a total idiot who has no idea what the hell he’s doing with anything, and has APPARENTLY no inherent ability for whatever the hell it is, because I could hardly even pay attention to what was actually going on, and I just ended up laughing at how ridiculously sacreligious this show is. Seriously, there are a lot of ties-in to…Priests, fighting a mecha that’s called a Testament? And the priest is this guy with a ridiculously overmuscled chest. And the animation is so QUAAAAAAALITY that I’m not even sure how they got away with it.

No, I can’t even bother to remember any of the character names, but I have a feeling the guy’s sister is gonna show up again and be a fucking evil bitch, for whatever reason that I can’t seem to place my finger on, since she didn’t have an on-screen death. And the priest guy is gay, or at least it seems kinda like it. As are some of the bad guys. EXCEPT SOME AREN’T. But, I really can’t seem to think of anything remotely intelligent to say about this, because this is such a stupid show.

However, my main point of interest in this show is the ending theme. It probably has more yuri than the summer ’09 season, and as far as this season goes, it seems like it has more yuri than most seasons I’ve seen, so this is really saying something. But…I haven’t even seen these characters yet. And it’s incredibly unsuiting to the show. The OP is just plain terrible, though, as far as song choice goes, so I guess it actually kinda suits it, in a way.

In any case, I’d only watch this if you’re bored and you want something incredibly fucking dumb to laugh at. Otherwise, just don’t even bother with it at all. I’ll probably get bored at some point and just find it incredibly unfunny and dumb and drop it like a rock, but I thought I would do that with Akikan too, and I ended up liking that, in a way, despite finding it terrible as a show. So, hell, I don’t know, and I don’t think people’ll gain anything from reading this, except knowledge that I can’t take shows like this seriously.

Now, moving onto the next show, Kanamemo. I’d say this is a pretty likable show-it’s certainly nothing near groundbreaking, but it’s pretty damn cute. It’s animated by Feel, and I’m just looking up what they’ve animated now, and I didn’t really know what they produced bevofe that, but those are mostly things I’ve been meaning to watch, and then, on a totally different note, Da Capo, which I couldn’t be less interested in. Even for a generic harem, it always looked kinda…mediocre for that.

As to the actual plot? It just seems to be more of a setup to show the crazy interactions of six girls living together, as is common in the slice-of-life genre. But, even for a slice-of-life, it has quite a bit of yuri fanservice, which can only be seen as a good thing, at least from my perspective, ’cause I’m a pretty hopeless fangirl. (Especially between Yume and Yuuki-hell, they even kiss each other! I just hope that they don’t come up with some bullshitted reason and then try to feign heterosexuality, it’s always so disappointing when that happens.)

But even so, I think my sort of opinion, or anyone’s opinion, is somewhat useless when it comes to Kanamemo. Either you’ll like it, or you’ll find that it’s another run-of-the-mill slice-of-life anime (that was a lot of hyphens.)

So, I went on the internet, to find other people’s opinions of this series. And…I was surprised. A lot of people seem to take issue with Haruka’s behavior. Granted, a lot of these people are the kind of people who weren’t really sure what they were getting into when they were watching it, but I personally can’t be bothered by it at all. Actually, I like Haruka, even though she’s not really original, per se, being the classic drunken lolita complex 20-year-old, she’s a fun character. Although, after seeing episode 2, I do have to wonder if she even delivers papers, or if she’s supposed to just be looking after the other five young girls she’s taking care of.

But that goes into my opinion on characters’ behavior that would be fine in a show is fine in a show, and that you don’t need to apply how these people act in real life. Like, yeah, if there was someone like Haruka going around my town, collecting preteen girls and groping them in various ways and being the only guardian for these five kids who already have a job, despite illegally, because you have to be at least 15 to work even with a permit, I’d be worried about these kids too. But this is anime. It’s not real life, so I don’t think these are the kinds of things that people need to be connecting in their head. I guess this is only my opinion, though, and I know that, despite this, there are going to be people who disagree with me, so really, you can go ahwad and think whatever you want.

So now, I’m going to move on to a show that was pretty much utterly mediocre. And, that is…

Yeah, this show. It’s pretty much a relatively generic magical girl show, probably has some loli fanservice…only it’s about re-writing code. From the first episode, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be anything special, but it was mildly amusing, so unless it becomes utterly terrible I probably won’t bother dropping it. (It’s what, how long, 12 episodes? For some reason I have much less of a problem watching episodes of shows that aren’t as long even if they’re not quite so good. Not that I mind watching longer shows, but I’m less willing to do so.)

But yeah, I’m kinda interested where the whole topic of writing ‘codes’ is gonna go…what, is this girl gonna know how to rewrite the C++ holding people together? That doesn’t even really make sense, but if I could mess with stuff like that, it’d be awesome.

Still pretty generic and nothing special, though, so I’d say skip it unless you really like magical girl anime. And…as for the plot or characters, I don’t have much else to say. They’re okay, I guess…it’s hard to hate characters from one episode of introductions, though.

But, anyways, since I don’t have anything else to really say, I’ll just go on ahead to the next thing I watched…in part two. olololol. No, seriously, Stringed just told me to break it up.

Rambling + ef – a tale of memories + Air = Review Time!

I’m bored now, so I’m going to write a review of…uh, everything I’ve watched lately that isn’t NGE or TTGL. But, before that, I’m going to explain in great detail why I’m writing reviews of anime that most of you watched at least 2-3 years ago. You see, back two or three years ago, I had just obtained DSL. As in, I’d had it for under a year. Before that, I had what is quite possibly the slowest, shittiest internet service. Like, we started out calling the AOL people and bitching for more free dial-up, then when they told us to shut our damn mouths and to be glad we’d gotten two years of shitty free internet with a fuckload of porn ads that probably gave the computer downstairs 2109341+ undetectable viruses. So, me still being like…I don’t even remember how old I was, it was this long ago. But then we got this other internet, that was run through the internet. It was something…like, And it was horrible shit-there was a maximum hour usage of 40 HOURS A MONTH. And that shit wasn’t even free, we had to pay ten dollars for crappy 56k internet that never downloaded things past a speed of 8kb/s unless it was 3 AM at night. Not that I ever got to use it at 3 AM at night, because it was only on one computer and…yeah.

I think I might’ve been thirteen or fourteen at the time. I’m not even totally sure. And it wasn’t like I had cable TV or anything, I remember having to sneak off to the library with my behemoth of a laptop that had to have a special card and cord just to use the internet, because it was only to be used on special occasions or something. That was pretty awful. And then I think they went out of business, or wanted to charge more or something, so we stopped using them. It was probably the worst experience I’d had in a while, though…I remember trying to download the Majora’s Mask N64 ROM, since I’m not going to really lie about my vidya piracy when I was a young kid, and it took over three hours, and everyone was yelling at me to turn off the internet. But I got the actual game-maybe that’s why I was such a vidya nerd then, because back then was when it was still possible to emulate games on PCs before they all got ridiculous in terms of what you needed to power them. I dunno.
And then I had peoplePC. I hope they’re like, out of business now, but I’m not going to really complain as much about them, because I was able to use the internet whenever I wanted by going through some loophole in the software (but then an update fixed that, but after that I only had it for another month, so oh well.) That was when my mother decided she wanted to start going onto yahoo chatrooms though, so it was like a bloody war to decide who was able to use the computer and who wasn’t. And that wasn’t exactly fun, but that was when I finally just decided to try downloading anime at the library. But I had shit taste and was into MMOs at the time, so I was downloading stuff like Inuyasha or something, whenever I did. I didn’t often, because I was too busy playing that silly online game. If you’re playing Maplestory, I’d advise for you to quit, because I think my life got a million times better after I quit. I mean, I’m not exactly a friend-attracting normalfag now, nor will I ever be. But my taste in things got so much better, and I was able to actually do productive things rather than grinding infinite levels. That’s why I don’t like MMOs, even though you might feel like you have absolutely nothing better to do, after I’ve played an MMO I feel like I’ve done nothing, and I’ll play one for like three days in a row (I mean, I’ll sleep and eat and take breaks, but all my time’ll be devoted to that otherwise) and then I either get addicted or bored. But it’s not like the vidya where there might be an actual somewhat-meaningful storyline, it’s just LEVELAN and stuff for e-penis.
That being said, I’m not really against MMOs, I just think that playing them religiously to the point where you do nothing else is boring. That’s just my opinion, though, and it’s not like I’m the most social butterfly out there, I just don’t think MMOs are as rewarding as…a lot of things.
Since I’ve rambled on enough about the history of my internet, I think I should just jump into the reviews of the anime I’ve watched? Oh, but before you think that my interweb history has no relevance, I brought it up mostly because I think that the longer you go without exposure to the internet, the worse your taste will be. I mean, I didn’t like Bleach even then, and I don’t now, so I guess it doesn’t particularly matter, and it’s like a learning curve, in a way. But, if you still have 56k, I think it’d be a good idea to try and get DSL/Cable internet. I think the days of 56k are dead, but I’m not totally sure, because just because I don’t know anyone who has it doesn’t mean some old grandma out there doesn’t have it?
Oh, and for your information, this review isn’t about everything I watched, just whatever I feel like reviewing, whether it’s good or bad.
Now, for the first review, is.. ef – a tale of memories.
Now, my thought of this series was that it was pretty much…average. I didn’t hate it, I liked how SHAFT executed it, but…I’m not sure if the source material was super-fantastic to begin with. I’m not going to say it was bad, but it certainly didn’t exceed my expectations. A lot of people seem to really think this show is terrible and full of cliches, or, on the other hand, they absolutely love it, and think it’s the best thing ever. I don’t really think it’s that fabulous, though I certainly wouldn’t say that I hate it at all.
I think the main thing that can be said about this anime is that one of the characters in it sparked a dubious fansubbing group, at least for many. Except, that’s not the main thing at all, and that’s just some side knowledge. It was based off of an eroge, and I don’t really care who made it. There’s a translation project for it somewhere, and they released a starter patch, but I’m not totally sure if they plan on continuing. I think it was the Miyako route.
As for the actual characters, which I find more interesting than the actual plot of the anime, I -hated- Kei. I absolutely thought she was just annoying, over-possessive, and really bitchy to Miyako. This Miyako really can’t hold a candle to the superior Miyako, however, even though I certainly wouldn’t say I dislike her. And the mangaka guy, who I found so un-notable that there was pretty much nothing I could say about him, was another victim of that girl. Maybe I just don’t like Kei a lot because I knew a girl with a similar hairstyle, only her hair wasn’t purple, and she acted really similar. I don’t think that’s it, though. The thing I probably hated the most about Kei was how she was Chihiro’s sister, and yet, practically her only contact with her sister was through TEXT MESSAGES. Just because it was so painful for her to talk to her sister, because of the whole amnesia thing, which I thought was probably the dumbest part of the plot. (Yet, I don’t mind Chihiro as a character, I honestly thought she was pretty cute.
The thing that always bothers me about eroge adaptations is that nine times out of ten, the male characters are so dull that I forget their names a few days after watching the show. I realize, because I’ve -played- eroge, and enjoy playing them once in a while, that the reason for this is because you’re supposed to place yourself into the shoes of the main male character, which means I get to pretend to be a boy for a while. I wish there were more yuri eroge, those are really fun, because I don’t have to pretend to be the indistinct teenage boy. But, because of this, there’s very little actual personality allocated to the male characters in most eroge, because, in general, the more defined of a character an anime/manga/eroge character tends to be, the harder it is to put yourself in their shoes. That might work for eroge, where all of the focus is on the girls and you’re meant to form your own opinions about the nature of the main character, or you can make choices to decide what actions you’d take. But I don’t think it translates well into anime. That’s not to say that all of the male characters in anime based off of visual novels or eroge are bad, and I’m sure there’ve been some good executions of the main male character. (Aside from the way that Yuuichi in Kanon ’06 dressed, because he looked like a totally unfabulous hobo, I actually didn’t mind the way he was executed, because he at least came off as some sort of sarcastic bastard who just likes messing with people.) I’m sure there’re exceptions, but for the most part, I just feel that the main male protagonists in anime based off of eroge tend to be…very, very dull and completely forgettable.
That being said, I think that while the animation for -ef- was wonderful, the actual plot itself was a bit lackluster and offered very little towards my enjoyment of the series. An illness like Chihiro’s, despite the fact that it’s complete nonsense or some such equivalent, tends to be more amusing than it is good plot material. Also, I just came back to writing this and took a two-week break, so that’s really all I have to say. If you want eyeporn with plot that’s just generic and makes me laugh at some of the awkwardness and typical keyaids-esque ‘illnesses’, but still manages to be decent, at the very least, then just watch -ef- a tale of memories. I haven’t watched melodies, but I might not, no SHAFT.
I think, since I’m in the mood for it, I’ll review Air TV. To abruptly switch what I was talking about…
So…yeah. Of all of the works of Key I’ve seen adapted by Kyoto Animation, this one’s probably the weakest. I didn’t particularly like any of the main three girls, though at least I didn’t hate any of them. My favorite character in the show, though, is…
…Potato. Yes, that adorable dog that just looks so cute and like you want to hug him only you can’t, because it’s an anime character. He just totally loved everyone in the show and was an adorable doggie and was so cute with his little bark and–
I’ll spare you more of that. But that just goes to show how…oddly developed the show is. One of my main problems with the show is, upon seeing the recap episode, both Minagi and Kana get about a minute each to summarize their arc. Which…really kinda kills the emphasis and the events of what happened, and makes it seem more like “MISUZU MISUZU MISUZU”. Of which…I wasn’t a fan of Misuzu much at all. I’ll admit it, she was cute, but…Key really needs to stop making plots that revolve around these “LOL MYSTERIOUS ILLNESSES”. It’s like, it couldn’t hurt to actually do something that doesn’t revolve around one main character dying/disappearing? Even though I quite liked Kanon and Clannad, I just still find it simply strange. And, with the exception of making a plot setup so that Haruko could accept her role as Misuzu’s true mother, I didn’t like how it was executed.
But I think one of the worst plot executions would have to be Crow!Yukito. I understand that Air wasn’t a story based on reality, and I understand that there are a lot of supernatural happenings that don’t really get much of an explanation, but this is really just…over-the-top. There’s no explanation, besides the fact of “Oh, I’ll die if I get too close to you!111”, but then Yukito -doesn’t- die, but instead, he becomes a bird that follows around Misuzu, and has apparently been doing so ever since the beginning of the story. Did he learn to do the time warp, or something? I just really don’t get it.
And, furthermore, even -not- in Misuzu’s story arc, the other two arcs are just…too rushed, and I felt like I didn’t even get to know Minagi or Kana. And, as a result, I think that all three of the arcs kinda…suffered. I think that both of them could have been elaborated on much further and extended my understanding of them, but as it stands now, I find it difficult to care about Minagi’s mother’s neurosis.
But, what I really really liked about AIR was the summer arc. I understand that it’s supposed to give an explanation for the happenings to Misuzu and Yukito, and it was only one episode. But the overall feel of it, of the story that explained the happenings in the present, was quite well-done, I thought. I didn’t have anything particularly against any of the characters in the Summer Arc, and I thought that even the explanation of Kanna’s mother’s illness was decent enough (Key and their lack of explanation for illnesses simply baffles me, and I don’t understand how it underlines the plot in almost any case, but oh well). I haven’t seen Air in Summer yet, and apparently it elaborates on the arc…
In any case, Air is worth watching, and I’d reccomend it, because it’s well-done. But, be prepared for a lot of annoying nuances in the plot, and be prepared for a lot of people who think that it’s far better than it is. If you liked other Key works, you should be fine, and most people who read this review have probably not wanted to watch AIR or seen it by now, seeing as it was made in the Winter ’05 season, but it’s still a nice show to watch if you’re bored, want to watch something with an interesting conclusion, and have a few hours to kill.
Just be prepared for every character except Misuzu to get shafted.
Since I think this is enough for a post, I figure I’ll just leave it at where it is now. Um…I’m not sure that many of you care too much about my opinions on Air, though…
In any case, if you’d like to know the anime I’m watching this season, I’m currently watching K-ON!, Basquash!, Pandora Hearts, Saki, and Eden of the East. Next season, I’ll definitely be picking up ZSZS, Umineko, APH Season Two, and Aoi Hana. (I’ll also be looking into Bakemonogatari and CANAAN). So…next time I review, expect a review for one of these shows, or other things I felt like randomly watching. So, until next time?