Why Would You Call it Cat Planet Cuties?

This is a rant about FUNimation’s decision to title Asobi ni iku yo! “Cat Planet Cuties” in its USA release. I will hopefully have an actual review of the show up in the next few days. Until then, enjoy my opinionated rant here. Or argue with me about it.


FUNimation, why did you choose to change Asobi ni iku yo’s name to Cat Planet Cuties? Why? This was seriously stupid. Now, I’m not upset for any silly reason like faithfulness to the Japanese title or anything like that. I’m upset because it makes the show sound like something it’s not. This is a lot like when Tokyopop changed Kimi wa Petto’s name to Tramps Like Us. It had nothing to do with the manga itself and it made it sound like a cheap porno when really it was a touching, if a bit risque, josei title.

Asobi ni iku yo! is a sci fi comedy that happens to include ecchi harem elements and catgirls. People who can’t stand there being any fanservice whatsoever in their anime won’t like it, sure, but the series has a lot broader of an appeal than one might expect from the cover art. Or from it being called Cat Planet Cuties. Fans of shows from the 80s and 90s with similar themes would probably enjoy this show quite a bit if they knew what it actually was. Unfortunately, making it look sort of like Tenchi Muyo but with cat ears is the best FUNimation has done for it, and it’s still better than that.

It saddens me that this show is going to be passed up by so many people entirely because of the title change and lack of marketing towards the audience that really needs to be told about this show. The sort of people who will be pulled in by a title like Cat Planet Cuties are already going to have their interests piqued by the cover art of Eris. Those people don’t need to have the show heavily marketed to them. The people who would like it for what it is but wouldn’t like it if it was just a generic fanservice show are the people that need to be targeted, and as far as I can see, FUNimation has done more to push them away than draw them in.

Please, do not think I have anything against FUNimation by my saying this. Overall I think they’re a great company and I want to support them. If anyone reading this happens to be a fan of Asobi ni iku yo! and is boycotting it because of the title change, please don’t. This show deserves to be a success, even with the poor choice in titles. That’s actually more or less why I’m writing this; to get the word out there that this is actually a good show. Even if harems and ecchi aren’t normally your thing, if you like comedies with sci fi elements, give this show a try. Seriously.